First and Goal

The Roughriders ended the drought on Friday Night Football versus the Calgary Stampeders. No they didnt win the game; actually the final score was 25-13 in favour of the Stamps. The Green and White did, however, end the touchdown drought by scoring their first major in five games.Turnabout is Fair Play! In 2007 the Riders signed free agent quarterback Drew Tate, a graduate from the University of Iowa who had been recently released from the St. Louis Rams. Fast forward four years and the Riders faced that same Drew Tate in his first CFL start now wearing Stampeder red. In a game that saw two 2007 Rider protégés face each other Tate looked sharp as he notched his first win over rival Darian Durant. Very exciting as far as the CFL is concerned to see these two youngsters step into their own in this league.Hierarchy of the Head Honchos! It has been stated the remainder of Darian Durants season will be decided by a committee of head coach Ken Miller, President and CEO Jim Hopson and GM Brendan Taman. In order for the Rider organization to right the Last Saskatchewan Pirate Ship they need to figure out who the true Captain of the boat is. The current unorthodox management scheme is obviously not the ticket to landing a long term head coach or a winning team.Up in the Air! That is exactly what the Rider roster is going into Saturdays game against the TiCats. One can only assume Darant is hanging up the cleats for the remainder of the year. Is it possible Cole Bergquist will get his first CFL start? Hopefully the game will showcase some more of the Riders up and coming stars and provide opportunity to evaluate players in a game situation.Log Jam! With only two weeks left in the regular season the playoff picture isnt any clearer. In the west Edmonton sits alone in 1st place at 10-6 with both Calgary and BC right behind them at 9-7. In the east Winnipeg and Montreal sit tied for 1st at 10-6 with Hamilton close behind at 8-8. Buckle up CFL fans the road to the Grey Cup is going to be a thriller.Be Loud and Proud!

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