Local hockey players enjoying creating friendships, while playing hockey

For both Reece Pittman and Kira Barham, being part of the Richardson Pioneer Weyburn Gold Wings gives them a chance to create life-long friendships, while playing hockey right in their home community.

Pittman and Barham were both recently featured in a Feature Player video created for the Weyburn Review/ Weyburn This Week. 

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Pittman is a 2003-born forward who was chosen as the captain for the Gold Wings this year. This is her third year with the team. 

“I was really honoured by my team that I was chosen to be the captain. I am super excited about it.”

“I have been playing hockey for 14 years. One of my favorite things is meeting the girls on the team and creating friendships,” said Pittman.

“I love how the Gold Wings give back to the community. I also enjoy meeting new people, who I never met before, and the road trips.”

One of the challenges that she faces as a forward is “creating effective offensive plays in the offensive zone, and having successful breakouts.”

In her first year with the Gold Wings (2018-2019 season), Pittman played 27 games, scored one goal and one assisted. In her second year (2019-2020 season), she played 30 games, scored one goal and had three assists.

Barham is also a 2003-born forward who is in her third year with the Gold Wings. “I have been playing since Kindergarten, so about 13 years.”

“I really like the intensity and the chance to meet new girls,” said Barham. “I like how the Gold Wings give back to the community.”

“I feel supported by my team, because if anyone does make a mistake, we always have each other’s back and lift each other’s spirits.”

As one of the local players, Barham feels it important to support the players who come to Weyburn from out of town. “When the girls first arrive in Weyburn, we try to go out to Tim’s or Starbucks to help them get used to the community.”

She feels that her greatest strength is “being able to read the play, and knowing where to be on the ice. I am also able to help my teammates if they mess up on a play, or are not sure where to be.”

Barham did note that one of her challenges is “I am not as fast as the other girls and need to work on my foot speed.”

She is very excited to play her last year with the Weyburn Gold Wings. “Once we are able to return to playing games, I think we will be a very strong team.”

In her first year with the Gold Wings (2018-2019 season), Barham played 28 games, scored two goals and two assists. In her second year (2019-2020 season), Barham played 30 games, scored two goals and four assists.