McLeod Series comes to an end with a victory

The Weyburn Comprehensive Eagles and the Estevan Elecs held their annual McLeod Series over the past two weeks.

Last night was the final of two games between the two senior girls teams and the two senior boys teams. After the games in Estevan last week, the Eagle senior girls trailed in the series and the Eagles senior boys led the serries.

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The first game of the night was between the WCS Senior girls and the Elecs. The Eagles never gave up and fought until the end, but ultimately the game ended 92-72 for the Elecs.

Next up was the Senior boys and the Elecs went head-to-head. A couple amazing dunks and a few swishes of threes lead to the Eagles to a 78-62 victory.

Both games were electric as the Eagles fans were never ending with cheers and motivation. The cheers and chants continuously erupted in the gymnasium and echoed throughout the school.

Stay tuned for more information, photos and a highlight video.