McLeod Series set

The annual McLeod Series between the Estevan Comprehensive School and the Weyburn Comprehensive School will take place in Weyburn on February 5 and in Estevan on February 12. The games start at 5:00 p.m. each day.

This annual basketball competition has taken place each year since 1932 with a four-year lull in the early 1970s due to intense rivalry. It is determined by which school wins the most of the four games between the senior girls and boys or, if tied in games, on the number of points scored. Weyburn was way behind in the years prior to 1980 but Estevan has not won the series since 1983 and Weyburn is now ahead 40 to 37 in series wins.

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On this, the centennial year of WCI/WCS, fans are encouraged to come out and support the teams and get some of that rivalry back between the two schools.