Touch football league heads into playoffs

Playoffs are approaching for a 7v7 touch football league, as they wrapped up their regular season games over the weekend. The Weyburn team will be in Moose Jaw for their playoffs on Saturday, Oct. 24.

The Junior Variety team was sitting in first place with 10 wins and only two losses.

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For the U10, U12 and U14 teams under Weyburn Minor Football, they were wrapping up their season with fun practices last week and this week.

“We hoped for the best at the start of the season. We wanted to offer an outlet for those local children who wanted to play football,” said Ryan Maloney, president of the Weyburn Minor Football Association.

The season was pushed back due to COVID-19 concerns, but the U12 and U14 teams had a chance to play other teams since the Moose Jaw League had prepared some guidelines for playing for their teams. There were three games played against Moose Jaw, a game against Estevan, and the U14 team had a game against Yorkton.

For the U10 players, their season concentrated on skill development and instruction.

“It was a great development year for those U10s. We were able to get them fitted into their equipment, and work on game preparedness,” said Maloney.

After a few COVID cases hit the Yorkton area, the Weyburn Minor Football Association made the decision to suspend league game play on Oct. 6. “It was a tough decision, but we carefully weighed the potential ramifications, and in the end it was the right decision,” said Maloney.

He wanted to note that during the games that were played, there was a lot more volunteer work that was needed, and really appreciated the parents and coaches who supported the short season.

“There was lots of effort out there on the field to allow those teams to play. We even had COVID safety officers on the field to ensure that we were keeping our athletes safe.”

The U10s wrapped up their season with fun practices last week, and this week the U12 and U14 teams also concluded their season with fun practices. Equipment will soon be returned to Weyburn Minor Football.

Maloney wanted to add that even with the short season, being at the Weyburn Minor Football Field with the new lights allowed for more practice time for all teams. A new tower overlook was also recently added to the field.

“It was a different year for us, but overall the players had a chance to play football and have fun, and that is the most important thing to us,” added Maloney.