Weyburn area students earn four track medals at Provincials

The 2019 Track Provincials were held in Moose Jaw on Friday and Saturday for students in Midget, Junior and Senior levels. There were a number of Weyburn and area students who competed in the track meet after qualifying through the District Track Meet held at Weyburn Comp on May 29th. Photos above show Alex Lund, Brett Bowler, Jacob Butz and Jamie Labbie with their respective medals.

Each event had up to a total of 28 competitors with 100m, 200m, 400m, 80m Hurdles and 100m hurdles having heats to determine the top athletes to compete in the finals. Here are the results from the meet.

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Midget Boys: 1500m: 16th Greyson Goudy, Stoughton; Discus: 9th Evan Barsness, Weyburn Comprehensive School; Javelin: 25th Aden Svedahl, Pangman;

Midget Girls: 100m: 9th Yveian Orpiano, Stoughton; 80m Hurdles: 12th Addison Klapak, WCS; Long Jump: 4th Jamie Labbie, WCS; Triple Jump: 8th Yveian Orpiano; Shot Put: 10th Jessica Baumgartner, Stoughton; Discus: 15th Soraya Blunt, WCS

Junior Boys: 100m Hurdles: 8th Jacob Butz, WCS; Long Jump: 5th Jacob Butz; Triple Jump: 22nd Kordel Duncan, Midale; High Jump: 2nd Jacob Butz; Shot Put: 1st Alex Lund, WCS; 8th Braden Hala, WCS; Discus: 9th Alex Lund; Javelin: 2nd Collin Holmes, Gladmar; 7th Dawson Ogilvie, Stoughton

Junior Girls: 800m: 16th Kira Barham, WCS; 1500m: 16th, Kira Barham; 18th Maggie Borschowa, WCS; 3000m: 17th Maggie Borschowa; Triple Jump: 14th Brynn Romanovitch, WCS; High Jump: 16th Kianna Wolstenholme, Pangman; Shot Put:  11th Angelina Addo, WCS; Discus: 16th Angelina Addo; Javelin: 25th Larika Van der Meulen, Yellow Grass

Junior Girls Quadathlon (19 Competitors): Denae King, WCS, 100m: 5th in the 2nd Section; Shot Put: third; Long Jump: sixth; 800m: 10th; Final: 10th with 7 points

Senior Boys: Long Jump: 10th Brett Bowler, WCS; Triple Jump: 2nd Brett Bowler; 21st Blake Anderson, WCS; Javelin: 5th Jackson Goudy, Stoughton;

Senior Girls: 1500m: 15th Arliss Sidloski, WCS; 21st Alexis Vandermey, WCS; 3000m: 13th Arliss Sidloski; 13th Alexis Vandermey; High Jump: 15th Chandler Dickie, WCS; Javelin: 23rd Hallie Lang, Fillmore