Weyburn powerlifters bring home medals from nationals

Powerlifters from Weyburn had a great showing at the Canadian Powerlifting Union National Championships in Winnipeg over the March 7-8 weekend.

There were seven competitors from Weyburn participating. They came home with a number of gold medals, as well as national records, and personal bests.

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Tony Bianchi lifted in the men’s classic open 83 kg category. He ended with a 207.5 kg squat, and deadlift of 255 kg, which were personal bests. Due to injury he was only able to bench 25 kg.

Randy Schiller completed nine of his nine attempts, and earned a gold medal in the men’s equipped master 2 105 kg class. He squated 212.5 kg, bench pressed 135 kg, and had a deadlift of 230 kg.

Heidi Fowler took gold in the ladies’ equipped 84 kg bench press, lifting a total of 120 kg. She also came home with the overall top master female equipped bench presser award.

The team’s coach, Ryan Fowler, grabbed silver in the 120+ kg men’s equipped bench press, with a bench press of 265 kg.

In the equipped Master 2 47 kg weight class, Marnel Spencer set a new national record in the squat with 110 kg. She lifted 65 kg in the bench press and ended her day with a 122.5 kg deadlift and a gold medal.

Charlene Cossar squatted 180 kg, bench pressed 105 kg, and had a deadlift of 190 kg, ending the day with a silver medal.

Kyle Paterson placed fifth in the men’s open 120 kg classic category, with a squat of 270 kg, a bench of 175 kg, and a deadlift of 305 kg.